Lomography Universal Mount Accessory Review


Pick up the Lomography Universal Mount and a whole new universe of possibilities opens up for your Holga.

I had a few piggy points burning a hole in my Lomo pocket, and I was about to spend it on a fist full of expired film, and then I noticed the Lomography Universal Mount for the Holga. I thought, “Wow! How did I not notice this item in the shop before?”… I had a ton of ideas on how I could use it, so the piggy-bank was smashed and I pulled the trigger on this fine accessory.

Let’s start with the product itself. Now, this is a great little hunk of metal. It is very solid metal ring adapter with screw threads to accept filters, and it has two small screws to firmly attach it to the lens barrel of your Holga. You’ll also notice it’s very good looking, and carries a Lomography logo in black which stands out against the metal.

So, screw it on, but not too tight. Make sure the focus settings (you know, the person, mountains, etc) are still showing! I was careful to place the screws in between the little grooves on the lens barrel, they clamp on very well like that.

Now for the fun part. Attach ANY 55mm screw-in filter.

Filters available in this size include warming or cooling filters, color correction filters, Infrared filters, softening and diffusing filters, star-effect filters, colored filters for increased contrast in black and white photos, UV and polarizing filters, gradient filters, prism and other special effect filters… the list goes on and on.

But today I started off with a very affordable set of diopters. These bring the focus distance closer, so you can do “Holga macro”.

My set came with +1, +2, and +4. They can be stacked for a +7 effect, and that is just what I did! The focus with +7 is now 5.5 inches from the lens (at infinity/mountains setting)!!!

You should test the focus by using some tracing paper in a dark room as shown on previous tipsters. I taped a cable tie with this exact length to the camera as a guide for this distance. And then I loaded up some expired Pro400H and got closer to subjects than I thought Holga could ever go!

“Universal” is a good word to describe it since you’ll find a whole new universe of possibilities for your Holga. I know this simple but versatile accessory has certainly got me thinking of ways to expand my Holga Horizon in new ways!

written by abdukted1456 on 2009-12-03 #gear #macro #review #close-up #filters #universal #holga #adapter


  1. breakphreak
    breakphreak ·

    so interesting
    would be perfect if we could have the pictures of the gear that is mounted on a camera thanks to the universal mount (and also, how it is mounted, of course).

  2. abdukted1456
    abdukted1456 ·

    Hey, you know what - you're right! Maybe I forgot to include those photos.

    You can see how the filters mount to the holga here, along with my very fancy +7 macro distance guide. ;)

  3. stouf
    stouf ·

    I love it ! And use it very often... Your gallery is spectacular ! N°8 is my favourite.

  4. falsedigital
    falsedigital ·

    This is really great!
    I was wondering if it's possible to list the exact equipment you used and the exact focal length of your guide.
    I think if you made more detailed instructions this could be the most important tipster ever.

  5. paramir
    paramir ·

    this is amazing! great shots!! do you think it might fit the Diana as well??

  6. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Great review and superb macro shots!

  7. kips
    kips ·

    wonderfull shots,
    but why wouldn't you just use a step up ring?

  8. abdukted1456
    abdukted1456 ·

    The equipment used was listed in the article : generic 55mm diopters (+1, +2, +4)...
    They were stacked together to make the +7 effect. =)

    To really know the exact focus distance you should test using a tracing paper/cigarette rolling paper or ground glass when there is no film in the camera. But here are some measures that are pretty close:

    set your holga to infinity ( the mountain symbol) and

    +1 Diopter will focus at 1 meter (3' 3")
    +2 Diopter will focus at 0.5 meter (19.5")
    +3 Diopter will focus at 0.333 meter (13")
    +4 Diopter will focus at 0.25 meter (9 7/8")
    +5 Diopter will focus at 0.20 meter (7 7/8")
    +10 Diopter will focus at 0.10 meter (3 15/16")

  9. breakphreak
    breakphreak ·

    thanks a lot for the clarifications

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