The Color Run Visits Australia


The colorific 5K that is nation-wide known in the States is coming to visit Australia! If you’re looking for a reason to start a health lifestyle with a 5K jog, this is the perfect event! Not only will you be healthy, you will have lots of fun too! Guaranteed!

The 2012 Tour de Color Run will take place in seven Australian cities, starting in Adelaide. Here’s the full list:

  • Adelaide, Australia November 2012
  • Sydney, Australia February 2013
  • Perth, Australia February 17 2013
  • Brisbane, Australia Date TBA
  • Melbourne, Australia Date TBA
  • Newcastle, Australia Date TBA
  • Gold Coast, Australia Date TBA

If you’re not a sports fan, you can always be a spectator. Don’t just stand there and spectate, have some fun too! This event is perfect if you’re looking for happy and colorful subjects. So if you’re in town in one of these cities, make sure you take your camera with you and snap some colorful photos! Be careful of the rainbow powders, they can get into your camera for sure.

Visit their official website to find out more about this colorific event!

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