Back to Better Days with the Zenit TTL

2012-08-22 5

The Zenit TTL is the perfect all around camera and might just be waiting for you at your local Goodwill.

I’ve had my Zenit TTL since my sophomore year of college in the middle of nowhere Idaho. Twenty bucks in a Goodwill bought me a camera inscribed with “Made in the USSR” and a worn out leather case. It screams nostalgia.

This camera became my everyday piece, going to class, fields, rivers and mountains. Soon, via a cross country road trip, it found its way to celebrations and sailboats, and finally, my home.

Family photos and wedding pictures were some of my favorite results from my camera, with a few photos of their sweet day making a lovely one month anniversary gift.

The Zenit is tough enough for me to feel comfortable throwing it across my back to sail, but sleek enough to wear with my bridesmaid dress, at the reception of course. And let me just say, the shutter is the most sensual I’ve come across, with a big ol’ thump and click letting you know the deed is done. Shutter sound is a big deal to me.

I’ve been asked why I love this camera so much and every time I’m just not sure what to say. It’s the texture, the light, the grain, the people, the place, the memory. My Zenit is not just my camera: its my answer to the question, “So, what have you been up to?”

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  1. alex34
    alex34 ·

    I agree Zenits have a certain something. I think it's because they're so incredibly primitive-they come across as unbreakable. Not my favourite brand, but one worthy of resepect, not least because Helios lens is so outstanding.

  2. alex34
    alex34 ·


  3. jmtrovato
    jmtrovato ·

    I think you're right. They're pretty much a tank. I just realized it has brass parts which makes it fine to use in the rain as well. I actually don't have the helios lens unfortunately. Mine is an Exactar lens that I haven't been able to find much info on though. I'll have to get the helios to try it out.

  4. undisturbedyears
    undisturbedyears ·

    This is great! I just recently bought my zenit ttl a week ago and I have been using it quite a lot. I really enjoyed reading your review and these photos are fantastic.

  5. jmtrovato
    jmtrovato ·

    Thanks so much! Enjoy your Zenit:)

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