Spotted: Lomography Becomes a Front Page Feature!

2012-08-24 1

This month, I spotted a Diana F+ Mr. PInk on the front cover of UK fashion magazine, Company. Read on to see the feature from the inside.

I am not a particularly avid magazine reader, but on a long journey, I like to have something with me to peruse. This month on my trip to London, I went to buy a mag in the Leeds train station and the front cover of September’s Company fashion magazine just caught my eye. Admittedly it is smaller than my fingernail on my pinkie but with my geek glasses in place, I saw it and decided to buy it. Lomography as a cover star – who would have thought?

Bizarrely, the feature in the magazine doesn’t seem to be called “Summer Street Style” as the cover suggests, but instead details some hot current trends in a piece called “the fashion five”.

Number 4 of the five trends is called “Snap” and talks about the importance of having a camera (digital or analogue) with you at all times to capture the summer action. The page features a special edition Diana F+ from Urban Outfitters, as well as a La Sardina Cubic and a Fisheye No. 2 Python edition. The articles say, “the super stylish Lomography cameras are making us style up our outfits around our lens. From Fisheye to flash, we heart the cute retro style printed fronts”.

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  1. lomonesia
    lomonesia ·

    i think that wasn't's diana mini en rose!

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