Urban Adventures at Yong Siak Street

2012-08-20 1

Speaking of Yong Siak Street, it is not an alien place to the young bloggers and adults. Yong Siak Street is located in the vicinity of Tiong Bahru district.

Tiong Bahru is famous for its Chinese food, it goes the same for Yong Siak Street.

I had the opportunity to visit the old estate after hearing a lot of positive reviews and comments from the public and my friends.

There are a number of shops located along Yong Siak Street. One of the most popular ones is a cafe called, 40 Hands. At 40 Hands, one can enjoy great coffee and a selection of cakes and sandwiches. For those who adore enjoy having a cup of coffee, which is comparable to Starbucks and CBTL, you should make a trip down to 40 Hands.

A patch of grasses filled with colorful windmills outside 40 Hands.

Another reputable shop is nana & bird. nana & bird is a multi-label boutique that sells fashion and lifestyle products designed by aspiring designers around the world. The entire shop is filled with creative innovations, created to bring shoppers to the next level of great shopping experiences.

nana & bird signboard

Along Yong Siak Street is BooksActually. BooksActually is an independent bookstore, which specializes in fiction. The definition of being independent, is that BooksActually can only be found along Yong Siak Street and no other places in Singapore.

Signage of BooksActually outside the shop

Apart from these discoveries, I’ve also found during my urban adventures, that there are others which I think are also worth a look.

Outside view of an 1950-1980 Chinese shop
A deserted bicycle found along Yong Siak Street
The top view of the 1950-1980 Chinese shop houses
Bhutan Shop signage

In conclusion, Yong Siak Street is worth exploring especially if you are bored with city life and is yearning for some urban adventures and yet with not much of a budget.

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