Lomography Beginner's Guide: Ideas by Price (Under 50 EUR/USD)

2012-08-20 1

Dreaming of treating yourself to that Lomography camera and not sure what to get? There are all kinds of great options out there for budget conscious analogue lovers. Check out some of our suggestions for under 50 EUR/USD…

50 EUR/USD/GBP or under

Pop 9 (35mm)
9 repeated images on each print

Oktomat (35mm)
8 sequential shots on each print

Fisheye Baby 110 Basic (110)
Pocket-sized circular shots

Supersampler (35mm)
4 sequential shots on each print

Diana Multi Pinhole Operator (120)
Pinhole photos with color filters

Fisheye One White (35mm)
Easy circular shots

Already an avid Lomographer? Which camera in this price range would you recommend to newcomers? lease share your recommendations in the comments below!

Searching for your first Lomography camera? Let the Beginners Guide light your way to that dream analogue snap-shooter!

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