Beili Liu's Thought-Provoking Installation Performance Project


If you’re like me and you enjoy sewing, I’m sure that an installation performance project by Texas-based Chinese artist Beili Liu will blow your mind. Read on to find out how she astonishes audiences using scissors, cloth, and sewing!

There be nothing special with sewing itself, but multidisciplinary Chinese artist Beili Liu has found a way to turn it into a mind-blowing and thought-provoking project. Aptly called The Mending Project, this installation performance involves the artist sitting underneath hundreds of Chinese scissors suspended from the ceiling, all pointing downwards. According to her website, this “hovering, massive cloud of scissors alludes to distant fear, looming violence and worrisome uncertainty.”

Beili then proceeds to perform the simple task of mending—from which the project got its name—and sews the pieces of fabric which visitors have cut. Beili’s serene sewing against the danger of the intimidating cloud of scissors above her creates a somewhat chilling and dramatic effect.

The Texas-based artist tells us more about her project in the clip below:

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All information and photos for this article were sourced from Lost at E Minor and Beili Liu's Website.

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