Livin' the Life at Lago di Fiastra

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If you ever want to get away from all the business of urban life to experience “la dolce vita”, Lago di Fiastra (a.k.a. Lake Fiastra) is the place to be! Get your swimwear and sunblock and go enjoy the blistering heat at one of the many beautiful beaches around the lake!

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You can find Lake Fiastra in the Italian province of Marche, which is situated under Umbria and Tuscany. This province is known for its varied landscape having mountains, plains, and the sea all in one. The lake itself is artificial. It was created in 1950 as a hydroelectric project. The once sleepy villages in the middle of the mountains are now a haven for tourists from all over the world.

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In the weekends, it can get very busy but if you avoid the touristy beaches and search for the more secluded ones, you might have a beach all to yourself!

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If you’re up for it, you can rent pedaloes and canoes as well. There’s even an adventure park in the neighborhood. The water is also unbelievably clear and clean. You can find a lot of fishes in the lake just by looking with your naked eye, and they’re not easily afraid. If you stand still enough, they might even swim up to you to have a peek.

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Have some fun in the sun! Go visit Lake Fiastra! It’s certainly worth the trip.

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