Wu Kai Sha, Ma On Shan: An Urban Paradise

2012-08-16 1

Wu Kai Sha is an urban paradise, which is free from pollution. From the downtown area, it only takes less than fifteen minutes, then you can see the tranquil sunset.

I like Wu Kai Sha because me and my girlfriend went there on our first date. It was January 16, 2008, the weather was good and presented us with a memorable sunset. We also took a small shell and a small chrysanthemum.

Perhaps you’ve been to Wu Kai Sha or perhaps you haven’t. In fact, the point is you need to walk to the end of the beach, then you’ll find the most beautiful and tranquil scenery. You only need to keep walking through the coastal side until you see an old pier made from wood. If you have a chance, bring your friends, lovers, or relatives, sit on the end of this pier, you’ll find that 180 degrees in front of your eyes is a panoramic seascape. That kind of tranquility, that kind of panorama when the sky and the ocean become one, makes people forget the time, forget about their problems.

This place is an urban paradise, which is free from pollution.

How to get there:
I suggest you to take the MTR and get off on Ma On Shan Station, then walk for about 5-10 minutes to the gate of Villa Athena, there is a pathway to the beach. It’s very easy to find! Monday to Friday are the best days to get there because there would be less people and there’s almost no one there on weekdays!

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