Lomography CN 400 ASA 35mm: No Flash? No Problem!

2012-08-16 3

I’ve been using Lomography CN 400 film most of the time for my spinner shots, but out of a happy accident I discovered this nice film also comes in handy when shooting a rock concert indoors on low light situations.

So I’m there 11pm inside this small venue ready to listen to a friend’s rock concert to whom I had promised to take some analog shots for his band, I get my shiny LC-A+ Silver Lake out and was about to load it with a new film, when I realized terrified I had forgotten my Fritz the Blitz at home!

What was I going to do! (I started to panic a bit), It’s not like you can borrow and external flash from anybody surrounding you with their smartphones… Luckily for me I had a Lomography CN 400 ASA 35mm roll at the bottom of my bag that saved the night.

I wasn’t very sure if it would do the trick, but I set the ISO to 400 on my LC-A+ and with the colored lights from the venue and the proximity to the stage, the camera gave me a positive read which meant I was ready to rumble!

I quickly loaded the film and was lucky enough to find a spot next to a column so I could stay as still as possible and make the shots without a tripod. I had had great results with this film on my Spinner 360º but the light conditions this time where radically different…

The results came out pretty good, the film was fast enough to capture the band on the low light condition, it is true that some are a bit shaky or have their hands out of focus, but at the end it gives it a nice movement that transmits the energy of a rock concert:

Credits: guanatos

After this experience I can tell you this film works pretty good on low light conditions, but you do need some strong light source somewhere (search lights or stage lights) and paired with an LC-A+ or any camera where you can actually fix the ISO and/or have any control on either aperture or speed will do great.

Colors on this film are quite vibrant on low light also which for me is a big plus, the fact of having a speedier film that doesn’t sacrifice that color pop us lomographers love so much.

So now you now, always carry a Lomography CN 400 ASA 35mm on you, because you never know when it might come in handy and save the day!.

That’s why from now on I’ve started calling the Lomography CN 400 ASA 35mm my ATF or All Terrain Film and carry at least 1 roll with me at all times.

The Lomography Color Negative 35mm 400 film delivers vibrant colours and superb saturation and contrast. You don’t have to worry while you’re shooting, even under low lighting conditions. See our selection of Lomography films here.

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