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2012-08-14 1

Welcome to the new series of articles where we invite Lomography community members, staff and newcomers to recommend one single camera to the rest of the world. Find out what they like and, who knows, it might inspire you on which snapshooter to next lay your hands on. This week, Sara Thomas aka. sthomas68 tells us why she likes the Lomo LC-Wide.

Credits: sthomas68

Why do you like the Lomo LC-Wide?
When I was a kid and shot with a 35mm point and shoot, I could never quite get those nice wide shots I always wanted during my travels. With the Lomo LC-Wide it’s so easy! Plus it’s easy to use and has multiple creative formats. It’s small and compact, and you never have a problem getting the films processed at a local place for cheap.

Who would you recommend this camera for?
I would recommend this camera to anyone that’s truly serious about film shooting and wants something really different from their photos. You still get the wonderful vignetting, the barrel like distortion from shooting up close, and you can overlap the images and do small frames if you want. Since Lomograohy designed that camera from the ground up it’s really exciting to use “from the hip” and your shots will look great no matter what when you follow the ten golden rules. The only thing I wish is that there was a way to shoot it with sprockets! Save up your piggies and get this camera if you want the best!

Do you like the Lomo LC-Wide too? If you do, ‘like’ the camera by clicking the button below and tell the world about it – We’d also love to hear your comments about the camera in the comments box!

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