Modern Toilet Restaurant: To Eat or to Poop?


Have you ever tried eating inside a comfort room? Or eating from a toilet bowl? This wacky themed restaurant will definitely give you a unique and fun dining experience as if you’re inside your own bathroom!

It was my first time in Taipei and I was happy to find out that such restaurant exists. As we entered the place, we were reminded that each person should spend a minimum of NT$80. As we were four in our group, the server immediately noted it in the erase-able menu. She gave us a whiteboard pentel pen to mark our orders, then one of us had to go to the cashier for our orders and payment.

The food was only average and the servings were quite big especially for the Toilet #1 and Toilet #2 ice cream desserts that we ordered. But for the novelty and funny experience, I think it was worth the price. Each customer dines sitting on real bathroom toilet bowls (you have the option to sit on it with or without the covers!). The walls are covered with tiles, showers or adorned with bathroom fixtures. Even the lights were shaped like a poo! The tables where the meals are served, are bathroom sinks or bathtubs covered with glass tops. To complete the wacky moment, the meals are served in miniature toilet bowls and drinks are in urinals. In my case for my milk tea, I added $20 more so I can take it home in a miniature plastic urinal that also served as my souvenir. There were also other poop-y stuff being sold like candies, ballpens, containers, even their ceramic mugs and bowls!

We were lucky that we went to their largest branch in Ximending District, a three-story restaurant located in one of their famous tourist shopping areas. Toilet Restaurant is definitely a must-try experience if you’re in Taipei! It is easily accessible by taking the MRT to Ximen station, exit #6.

Kudos to the owner, Wang Tzi-Wei who thought of opening the restaurant after the success of his ice cream shop served in mini toilets!

For more details, check out their official website.

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