Andreas and the Diana Baby 110


It’s all about immortalizing that which attracts you says Andreas. Read on to find out more about his stint with the Diana Baby 110 in the interview below.

Hi Andreas!

First things first. Tell us three things about you: where you are, what colors you’re wearing and what makes you laugh.

Where I am: in Vienna
What colors I’m wearing: mainly black
What makes me laugh: untroubled people and unintended funny situations

Tell us about your adventures with the Diana Baby 110 . Where did you go with it, what and who did you shoot?

I took it everywhere, as it’s so tiny and handy it fits in every one of my pockets! But I mainly had it in my hand to have it ready to shoot. I click at almost everything that attracts me, special moments, special people etc. I try to eternalize situations on film with just one click.

Which of the two lenses complements your analogue lifestyle best?

The 12mm lens because of its sweeping wide angle shots.

If you could take a picture of anyone with your Diana Baby 110 , of whom would it be?

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Lomography proudly presents the Diana Baby 110, the second member of the Lomography 110 Camera Family. Easy to use and packed with creative features, with this tiny camera you can choose between two interchangeable lenses; shoot breathtaking wide-angle shots with the 12mm lens or switch to the 24mm lens for standard square photos. Read more on the 110 Camera Microsite

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