The Lomography Gallery Store Munich Gets its Own Emblem


It is a tradition here at Lomography that each Lomography Gallery Store gets its very own emblem. We also got our very own sign and now, it is time to present it to you.

Since our store is in Bavaria our logo should also get a Bavarian touch. And what can we say, it is super Bavarian! For instance, the blue and white hash keys and the Bavarian heraldic animal – the Bavarian lion. You can even find a small “Münchner Kindl” between the Lomoboy and Lomogirl.

We love our new emblem very much! How do you like it? Let is know in the comments below!

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And also stop by at our brandnew LomoHome which will feature all the analogue photos from Munich.

written by dont_think on 2012-08-17 #news #munich #munchen #logo #bayern #wappen #lomography-gallery-store-munich #store-munich
translated by dont_think

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