Sizzling Hot Summer in Hong Kong


Hong Kong is not only known as a shopping paradise, it is also known for its many beaches and islands!

Cheung Chau is a small island southwest of Hong Kong island, and it takes about an hour by ferry from the Central Pier. Literally translated, the name “Cheung Chau” means “Long Island”. The Cheung Chau Beach may not be as phenomenal as the other beaches in Hong Kong (such as Shek O), but there is this quiet charm to it, so it’s definitely worth a visit! During the weekends, many locals and foreigners can be seen at the beach or at the restaurants enjoying seafood. Of course, there are also many who go to Cheung Chau for a relaxing bike-riding session.

Quite fortunately, I was there during the annual Cheung Chau Bun Festival, which is usually held in early May.The parade was awesome, and the towers of buns were quite a sight to behold. But unfortunately, I only took photos of the lovely beach and forgot to take photos of the parade, because I was too engrossed in it.

All in all, Cheung Chau is a very fascinating little island and I would love to go there again when it’s less crowded, so I can explore the less frequented areas of Cheung Chau.

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