Adventures with a Blue Camera: Pet Cemetery

2012-08-15 1

The Lomography Magazine is pleased to introduce Nancy Siesel, one of our newest regular contributors for Analogue Lifestyle. Let us welcome the distinguished photojournalist and take a look at her first installment after the jump!

Pulitzer prize winning photojournalist Nancy Siesel is one of our newest Magazine contributors, who will share with us her Diana F+ photographs and the stories behind them. A former staff photographer for The New York Times, Nancy will surely share with us many interesting insights that we lomographers can all draw inspiration and lessons from. So, without further ado, we bring you her first installment, Pet Cemetery:

Photos by Nancy Siesel

I have been living in the house I grew up in for a few months this winter. On a sunny Spring day, I decided to take a walk with my Diana F+ camera, cutting through backyards with yellow forsithia bushes and admiring flowering Magnolia trees along the way to the local pet cemetery. It was founded in 1896, multi-denominational, and according to a plaque at the entrance, it is America’s oldest pet burial grounds. With the exception of the addition of memorials to the rescue dogs of 9/11, it remains mostly unchanged.

Photos by Nancy Siesel

Dog names have changed over time; Rover, Buster, and Bootsie were popular names through the 1940’s yet the sentiments expressed to beloved pets are universal and timeless.

Bootsie 1946 – 1960 “Dear and Remembered Friend”, is located near the contemporary gravestone dedicated to Chelsea:

“Healer, Friend, Muse
An Inspiration to All
Your Love Changed My Life”
March 2010

Nancy Siesel is a Pulitzer prize winning photojournalist. She worked as a staff photographer at The New York Times, where she covered topics ranging from Romania after the fall of Ceacescu, to racial unrest in Crown Heights, to New York City crime stories, to lifestyle, concerts and the arts.

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    Very good! Well composed shots and good color. Inspires me to try this.

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