Changing Films Whilst Shooting: With the Diana Baby 110 You Can!


Yes you can! You can go from Orca to Tiger in one swift move. No rewinding and winding necessary! Read on to find out how

What if half way through a roll of Orca 110 B&W Film you decide that whatever you’re shooting would look better in color? All you have to do is grab a roll of Color Tiger 110 Film and make the switch!.

Yes, it’s perfectly possible to change between film cartridges in this way. The only trick is to remember to do it at night, in a dark bag or in a darkened room. This is because, if you swap film cartridges in light, you’ll lose one photo on the film you take off because the shot will be over-exposed. Change rolls in the dark and you won’t lose a photo in this way.

Lomography proudly presents the Diana Baby 110, the second member of the Lomography 110 Camera Family. Easy to use and packed with creative features, with this tiny camera you can choose between two interchangeable lenses; shoot breathtaking wide-angle shots with the 12mm lens or switch to the 24mm lens for standard square photos. Read more on the 110 Camera Microsite

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  1. ehmahh
    ehmahh ·

    i have done this, but swapped cameras, was using a boots 110 telephoto then put the roll into the 110 fisheye!

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