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2012-08-20 2

I wrote a review about aperture settings of the Fujifilm Instax Mini 7s recently. So now, what issues will you be facing while using Instax Mini 7s? So far, I found that the main issue for me is the viewfinder accuracy problem. I can’t get the exact image as what I see through the viewfinder.

Credits: yokekei

The image view through the viewfinder is bigger than the actual photo which means your photo will turn out smaller. This is because the Instax Mini 7s is using 0.4X viewfinder magnification. But this problem is not so visible if you take landscapes. So, the tricks is… go nearer to your object and try to fully fill up your viewfinder with your object to get better result.

Perhaps the photo below will give a better explanation. I made sure the white wall wasn’t in while I viewed through the viewfinder. But, the actual photo had captured the white wall at both sides.

Credits: yokekei

Other sample which object looks smaller on photo:

Credits: yokekei

You will easily catch up and be able to estimate the distance better after few practices.

Credits: yokekei

Besides, you will be facing parallax error issue as well especially taking close up photos. Objects will be out of position, sometimes even cropped. Don’t worry, this is a common issue with most of the camera that has a separate viewfinder from the lens that actually captures the image. The viewfinder of Instax Mini 7s is located at top right corner but lens is located at bottom left. For example, you see your object placed at center through viewfinder but object turn out at left bottom while show on photo. Please refer to image below for better explanation.

Parallax error can be seen obviously while take close up photo. Capture landscape will be fine.

Sample of parallax error:

Credits: yokekei

So, how to estimate the right position? Firstly, place your object at the position that you want through viewfinder. Then, slightly move your camera to your right and up before fire the shutter. Now, you will get what you want. Maybe not perfect but at least it is closer to your requirement.

Viewfinder and lens are seeing subject at different position

Practice and get use with your Instax Mini 7s viewfinder to get a better photo:

Credits: yokekei

Hope that my explanations able to give you an answer why Instax mini photos easily out of position. Besides, I hope that this article able to give you some idea how to estimate your Instax photograph distance next time. Happy shooting.


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