Photographing Animals is Hard to Resist

2012-08-14 9

I know everyone has a soft spots for the furrier species, and there’s something about taking pictures of them that’s so dang hard not to do. This is a tipster telling you how I go about trying to capture them and my favorite places to go to see them.

Credits: boylescaleb

Zoos are great for photographing animals, especially if you have a zoo near you like the one near me. Zoos often limit you on how close you can get to the animals they have but drive through zoos bring the animals straight to your car! You don’t even need to worry about them not giving you their attention. With a little bit of food the zoo provides me with they’ll pose for as long as I want.

Credits: boylescaleb

Unlike some of the urban hipsters over here, I live in a more open area. Open meaning farms and fields full of great things (And by great I mean huge; and by huge, I mean cows). Since cows are fed by humans they’ll more than likely start walking up to immediately. The images below were took in the reverse order they are posted. Within a minute all the cows in the pasture had walked up in hopes to have their photograph taken.

Credits: boylescaleb

If you have a pet and you know of something they do all of the time that you can catch in action, plan ahead! For me, my dog is the queen of predictability. In high school every day, she would greet me by running off of our front porch. When she comes in from using the bathroom she always runs in between the cement pot and basket we have outside.

Credits: boylescaleb

My cat likes to look out windows and always cleans his face after a meal.

Credits: boylescaleb

Animals can be more stubborn than any human you know. Try capturing them as you see them wherever that may be! Whatever is natural to them with end up being a nice photograph.

Credits: boylescaleb
Credits: boylescaleb

Or maybe while they’re doing something funny, because they aren’t aware when you post embarrassing pictures of them on the internet like your friends are!

Credits: boylescaleb

If your animal is stubborn to the point they don’t want their picture taken at all, take a picture WITH them. While you’re struggling to hold them snap the picture! Or take the picture while they’re distracted by your attention.

Credits: boylescaleb

And now—drum roll, please—my all-time favorite animal to take pictures of: Seagulls. If you see a large group of seagulls while you’re on the beach, grab the crackers and get to work. Once you’ve got the attention of one seagull all of their little seagull friends come pretty fast. I’ve also seen seagulls hanging out in parking lots. You can go about feeding them them or you can do the less humane way to get them flying in front of you: scaring them. I’ve had my brother drive past them while I was close enough so they’d fly towards my camera and I’ve just ran towards them. Really, any sudden movement gets them picture ready. But I prefer to feed them because I don’t feel as bad.

Credits: boylescaleb

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  1. life_on_mars
    life_on_mars ·

    wonderful pictures! especially with the seagulls

  2. minchi
    minchi ·

    Beautiful photo, really :)

  3. 110isnotdead
    110isnotdead ·

    Really great pictures, especially the cat ones.

  4. sylvia_littlemaple
    sylvia_littlemaple ·

    i like your dog, super cute<3

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    walasiteodito ·

    beautiful photos!

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    pawlikdoc ·

    love dog )

  8. nuo2x2
    nuo2x2 ·

    great themed-collection shots, really make me want to explore more those furry fellas

  9. lunav
    lunav ·

    awesome pictures! The dog ones are amazing!

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