Waterpolo in Black and White


Water polo is one of the most popular sports in Italy. And now we have won a great silver medal at the recent London 2012 Olympics. Here are some images in black and white of the Como Nuoto, with male and female teams, which play in the Italian championships

Today is another great day for the Italian water polo team: a great silver medal at London 2012. Congratulations to the wonderful team of Croatia, winner of the gold medal, and many thanks to the excellent Italian team! Here I present to you some photos of the Como Nuoto team, which played in the second division of the Italian championship.

Credits: sirio174

Let’s begin with some photos of the female team. These photos were taken during last spring and winter with a Praktica MTL 5 camera and two lenses: a Helios 58/2 and a Takumar 105/2,8. The film is a Ilford Delta 3200 pushed to 12800 ISO. This film can be pushed up to 25600 ISO and to contain the grain, I used a fresh solution of Ilford Microphen.

Credits: sirio174

The markings in water polo are close and require good physical strength. Often under water, there is a “fight” to keep the positions or the ball possession.

Credits: sirio174

Agility, power, and physical resistance are essential for this game. But we must not underestimate the importance of tactics and schemes, essential in all team games.

Credits: sirio174

Here some photos from the male team:

Credits: sirio174

As you can see, the photos of the male team have different grey tones and more contrast and grain; the film used in this case is a Kodak TMax 3200 pushed to 6400 ISO. Because the light in the swimming pool is often less bright than in other sports halls, it is important to use a very fast film. I prefer the grey tones of the Ilford film, easier to push, but the Kodak is still printable and it is a good alternative.

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