Pink Dot SG 2012


Pink Dot SG is a non-profit movement for everyone, straight and gay, who support the belief that everyone deserves the freedom to love. Since 2009, the group has been gathering supporters to wear pink and form a pink dot at Hong Lim Park. This year’s event was more ambitious as it attempted to form a lighted pink dot at night!

For Pink Dot 2012, Hong Lim Park was transformed into a carnival with a party atmosphere. When I stepped out from the MRT station, I was greeted by volunteers handing out brochures and leaflets, explaining the meaning behind this event. I quote from the event FAQ:

“The gathering is a show of support for those who believe in openness and love between people, regardless of their sexual orientation.”

Obviously, all the supporters came prepared. There were couples, families, young and old, spread around the park on their picnic mats, having a swell time!

Of course, pets were also welcomed in this event!

There were even some supporters giving out free hugs!

There were also various booths being setup around the fields. There were sponsors’ booths, merchandise booths, and information booths.

Before the main performances started and the formation of the pink dot, there were various acts around the park.

Supporters could have a go at trying out hula hoop!

Or look at some cheerleading performances!

At the end of the day, about 15,000 Singaporeans turned up and formed the pink dot. It was also an enriching and eye-opening experience for me! I will definitely be back next year!

Information for this article were sourced from Pink Dot SG.

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