When my Dad Starts Shooting with LC-A+


I love analogue cameras. My roommate loves vintage cameras. My friends are into film, and even my dad shoots with an LCA+! Before August’s Fathers Day, let’s look at my dad’s LCA+ shots!

Dad’s love for photogrpahy goes back a long way, I think he is at least half as passionate as Xiao Yu’s dad….

Credits: kuo-kwi

I fell in love with analogue cameras for about 3 years. My family attitude towards film photography had changed from “it is a waste of money!” to “Ok, I will chip in some money for your next camera”. Although my dad knew about my analogue love, he didn’t understand why. Hence, I decided to let him try it out once and for all! I chose an auspicious time to explain to him all about the LC-A+'s features and quirks, loaded a roll of film and sent him on his LC-A+ shooting mission!

Photos my dad actually shot were vastly different from what I thought he would have shot! More than half of the photos are about his post retirement organic farmer’s lifestyle with my grandpa, mom, and aunts, some daily snapshots, and his favorite collections. There are even some MX shots, which he put to good use after I had spent some time explaining to him. He showed off these shots to me smugly: “See, I am using MX technique! The results turn out quite good!”

Although it is just a single roll of film, it made dad understand my passion, the reason I shoot film, and the “Don’t think, just shoot!” rule. It also gave me a peek into how my parents live their lives when my brother and I are not around. If you have the opportunity, pass the camera to your elders for a shooting mission!

The Lomo LC-A+ is known worldwide for its amazing features: automatic exposure, extended ISO range, and multiple and long exposure capabilities. Get your own Lomo LC-A+ now!

written by kuo-kwi on 2012-09-09 #lifestyle #dad #analogue-photography #father #analogue-cameras
translated by coolsigg

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