Spotted: Pretty Little Rolleiflex in Pretty Little Liars!


The beloved analogue child, Rolleiflex is spotted in the American teen drama mystery-thriller (woooo spooky!) series Pretty Little Liars. I was indulging in my favorite television guilty pleasure when this baby appeared on the screen!

Don’t you think she looks pretty?

For those of you who are not yourself a Pretty Little Liars follower, the camera was given by Ezra to his girlfriend for no special occasion at all. Here’s a hint to all the gentlemen out there! However, what keeps followers turning on their TVs every Tuesday night is their oh-so-fascinating Romeo and Juliet love affair. WARNING: Spoiler content ahead, but do read on if you want to be hooked! ;)

Ezra was Aria’s high school English teacher. As surprised as I was, Aria was dumbfounded the moment she saw her English teacher in the class. They knew it was wrong, but their relationship continued to thrive surreptitiously. Forbidden loves usually don’t last, but this one has been around for 3 seasons already and I have to admit I want more of it! Lovebirds, in my opinion, are adorable. Period.

Their ideal date is an impromptu photoshoot session with the Rolleiflex. Pose, pose, snap! Silly pictures in pajamas were taken. The couple looked like they had a lot of fun. “I want you to be reminded of what you’re doing,” – Ezra; isn’t it the beauty of analogue – the ability to capture moments?

Prove your love to your girlfriends with a Rolleiflex (or any analogue goodness also works), gentlemen.

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