Craft Crazy: Dress Up Your Camera!


It can often be difficult to protect your camera from being scratched or damaged while it’s in a bag or hanging around your wrist, so here’s a simple and cute way to give your camera a bit of protection. It’s a fun project to do with any fabric that you may have.

Are you sitting comfortably? Then allow me to make a small disclaimer…I am certainly not the best at sewing, but this project is possible even if you are a beginner! It’s surprisingly quick and turns out to be adorable.

The first thing to do is to choose some fabric that you no longer need, and collect a needle, some thread, a crayon or coloured pencil and some good, sharp scissors.

Credits: raejk14

I drew out my template using an orange crayon. I chose to make a t-shirt design, where a SuperSampler fits into the ‘body’ of the t-shirt! However, you can draw out almost anything as long as your camera fits inside it. It may be useful to draw around your camera first and then embellish the design. Whatever you choose, make sure that you leave enough extra room (about 2 cm) to account for the seams, and the extra bulk of your camera.

Credits: raejk14

Now, simply cut out two of these shapes. I did this by placing them one on top of another and cutting both at the same time. Genius!

Next, sew the two together with a straight, neat stitch, making sure that the ‘good’ side of your fabric is on the inside at this stage (it will end up on the outside). For my t-shirt, I left holes for the ‘neck’ and ‘arms’ for added authenticity!

Credits: raejk14

Once complete, all you need to do is turn the completed ‘pocket’ inside out, and voila!

I added a little ‘SS’ for SuperSampler, and a button or a clasp could be a useful addition. Most of all, enjoy making a treat for you and your camera, and perhaps you will find some hidden seamstress skills that you never knew you had!

Credits: raejk14

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