Vacation Scenes Caught on Camera


You’ve taken your camera everywhere you go. To the market, the city and even a night out to the clubs. Many of you however, have always taken your analogue cameras on vacation. Read on to see awesome photos from some of our Lomo friends’ travels.

These cameras have snapped dozens of memorable vacation photos that you just love showing off to your friends. Check out some of the awesome snaps from our Lomo friends’ vacation trips.

Credits: bravebird, japsix, aton, crismiranda, bebopbebop, cruzron, reinertlee, tweetysamm & cinzinc

Every journey is remembered through unique souvenirs that tell their very own story. What better way to tell your story than in pictures taken by Lomography's Limited Maps Edition cameras! These little gems are collectibles and the most precious find for the collector. This is why we designed the Maps Edition in a unique way to make it a collectible for souvenir-hunters, memory-gatherers and analogue-enthusiasts. Get your favorite model as long as they last and start your journey today!

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