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Many people collect coins and stamps, but did you know some collect maps? Yep, antique maps from the 1800s can be worth thousands of dollars nowadays. So if you find one in your attic, hold on to it tight, because it might be worth a fortune in the future. Just make sure you put it somewhere safe.

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Maps have been around since thousands of years ago. They have helped us locate places and navigate through unknown surroundings. For some, it might have even lead to a hidden treasure!

Many of us are not aware that maps can also be a collector’s item. Old maps that are still in good condition can go up to tens of thousands of dollars. Most collectors usually collect old maps of the place in which they live or are familiar with. Some collect maps that are made by a specific cartographer. There are many ways a map collector build a collection.

Prices vary depending on the map’s age, condition, size, etc. But it also depends on how the seller values the map. Two sellers may look at the same map and come up with completely different prices, neither is right or wrong, it is simply a matter of market-based opinion.

Perhaps map collecting is too expensive for you. Why not try something different and has to do with maps as well? Check out Lomography's Limited Maps Edition cameras. Four beloved camera models were chosen to wear new colours and inspiring maps: the La Sardina Copernicus in dove blue will show you a slice of heaven while the Diana F+ Metropolis is dedicated to the emerald city Seattle, the home of Grunge and the Seattle SuperSonics. The Diana Mini Latitude and Fisheye 2 Voyager encourage you to travel the whole wide world (and not the world wide web).

What are you waiting for?

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