The Top Photographed Cities


What’s your favorite city to take pictures of? Is it London? Budapest? Sofia? Jakarta? Or maybe even Tirol? Where ever it is, just make sure that you tag the city’s name when you upload pictures!

Credits: trw

If you take a look at the Photos section that is categorized by cities, you can tell that most of the photos were taken in London, Berlin, Barcelona, Bangkok, etc. Maybe some of you forgot to tag the city on your uploaded pictures. If you did, do it now. Maybe it will change the standings!

Here are a couple of cool pictures taken from the top cities to be photographed by Lomographers. Enjoy!

Credits: begsie, ginnys, mishika, maripka, wil6ka, jogo, 12_12, hayleeey, mattlongstaff, vickiamunro, harrietgreen, wennyfoo, starzone79 & jackpacker

To help us collect more pictures from all over the world, make sure you tag the photos you are uploading to your Lomo home! And to help you have fun taking pictures in your favorite cities Lomography designed a line of very special limited Maps Edition cameras, decorated with maps that will take your imagination on journeys through time and space. These cameras will be your best buddies during your travel for sure!

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