What to Pack for Backpacker Travelers


Are you planning a trip and only taking a backpack with you? If you are, then you need a check list! Read on to know what essentials you should bring on your traveling adventure!

Credits: wil6ka

So here’s what should be included in your checklist before you leave:

  • Back pack (buy a good quality one to make sure you don’t hurt or back)
  • Travel clothing/footwear (light and loose clothing with good walking shoes are recommended)
  • Day bag to carry one once you’ve found accomodation
  • Extra straps for bag (in case it breaks)
    money belt (very important while traveling for valuables)
  • Rain protection (you know, those giant shower caps you can cover your backpacks with)
  • Locks for your bag (important)
  • Your Passport and Travel Visas (if necessary)
  • Hidden money belt for your valuables
  • Credit cards to buy more valuables
  • Small toilet paper roll (it costs extra in some places)
  • Batteries for electronic devices
  • Water bottle
  • Voltage adapter/converter
  • Towel and Toiletries
  • Any Appropriate Medications
  • Maps and a good travel guide book
  • Mobile phone, and of course…

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