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Maps, maps, maps. You have a map of the heavens and you have a map of the small town you live in. Nowadays, maps are not only used to help you find and navigate to places, they can also be informative. Check out some infographic maps after the jump.

Infographics can be in the form of many things, but this time around we’ll stick to the map theme.

Photos via Web Designer Depot and noupe

Aren’t they just useful and informative. It’s such a creative way to present information and form it into something that is interesting to read. Another use for maps is for decorating purposes! To express this wanderlust with our cameras, we designed a very special limited Maps Edition cameras, decorated with maps that will take your imagination on journeys through time and space.

Four beloved camera models were chosen to wear new colours and inspiring maps: the La Sardina Copernicus in dove blue will show you a slice of heaven while the :Diana F+ Metropolis": is dedicated to the emerald city Seattle, the home of Grunge and the Seattle SuperSonics. The Diana Mini Latitude and Fisheye 2 Voyager encourage you to travel the whole wide world (and not the world wide web). What are you waiting for?

written by ilkadj on 2012-08-20 #lifestyle #analogue-cameras #limited-maps-edition #infographics-maps

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