Lomography CN 400 ASA 35mm: A Versatile Companion

2012-08-14 1

When I bought my first lomography camera (what is now years ago), I loaded it with the film, which seemed to me to be the best solution for a “lomography beginner”. It was the Lomography CN 400 iso film, the film which proved itself to be a versatile companion for every situation.

Lomography CN 400 ISO 35mm is a film which never gets you down. It is prepared for every situation and environment even if you do not know where exactly your legs are leading you on your big or small photo trips.

Photo by erikagrendel

This film proved itself to be a versatile companion from the first time I used it. It is great for indoor fun with and even without flash, for travelling, for commuting by bus, tube or train, for a day spent on a beach or for a cloudy day in town.

It produces sharp photos no matter what kind of camera you use and gets you nice results in most light conditions, but as well with bulb setting. Moreover, (what is quite important for me) it is equally good for doubles. So it means that you may use it every day, every time, every season and in every situation.

Photo by erikagrendel

When I am not one hundred percent sure about the light conditions or the places I am going to visit, I always choose and take out “for a walk” this little humble but very intelligent film. Loading this film into your camera is a choice you never regret.

The Lomography Color Negative 35mm 400 film delivers vibrant colours and superb saturation and contrast. You don’t have to worry while you’re shooting, even under low lighting conditions. See our selection of Lomography films here.

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