Bizarre Things You See on Maps


Nowadays it’s so easy to navigate yourself through foreign cities with digital maps that are available at your fingertips. But they are also great for finding weird and bizarre things!

You’ve used digital maps before to find directions to a birthday party, but have you used it to spot the weird things they have on earth? Here are couple of bizarre things that people found while browsing through Google Earth.

Didn’t know maps could be so entertaining. You know what else is entertaining? The Maps Edition cameras! These cameras are decorated with maps that will take your imagination on journeys through time and space. Like Google Earth, these cameras can also snap pictures of odd and bizarre things! Check out these snaps taken by some of our lomo friends.

Credits: domyblue, pinkpix, kekskonstrukt, ponzi, lucretia, deepfried_goodness, sebastianerras & ftwentytwo

written by ilkadj on 2012-08-21 #videos #lifestyle #bizzare #google-maps #limited-maps-edition #founds

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