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The heavens can be as beautiful as you can imagine if the night sky is clear of clouds and you can see those twinkling stars above you. Some of us are blessed with the talent to identify the big dipper and orion’s belt within seconds, but some of us don’t even notice any patterns, even with the help of a telescope! So here’s a short how to read the night sky for those curious ones!

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Reading the stars in the night sky is all about identifying a pattern of a group of stars in particular region of the sky. These patterns are called constellations (not constipation), and they are named by ancient civilizations according to the shape that they seem to represent. Here are some constellations and asterism (part of a constellation) that you might find in a clear night sky!

The Big Dipper
Consists of seven stars. Four of the stars form its bowl and three others make up its handle. In the United States, you can find the Big Dipper by looking to the north.

Orion’s Belt
These are three diagonal stars close to each other in the wintertime and is easily seen by looking to the south. You can also spot two brighter stars, Betelgeuse and Rigel, that are on the opposite corners of its rectangular shape. The “belt” is in Orion’s midsection.

Taurus the Bull
If you’ve spotted Orion, scan your eyes to the upper right of him and look for a “V” shape of Taurus the Bull. The bright star that you see within it forms the bull’s eye.

If you think these are too difficult for you, but you still want something astronomical, get the La Sardina Copernicus camera! This La Sardina is one of the four limited editions of Lomography’s Maps Edition cameras. The front part of the camera is decorated with the map of the sky, where you can spot Orion in a split second like the pros! Or you can take pictures of awesome starry skies as well.

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