Taking Panoramic Photos with Sprockets Using the Nomad 127

2012-08-14 3

My camera collection isn’t big at all, but I can say that all they work, and I’ve used them with their film, doing some tricks or using film that supposedly didn’t work in that camera. If you have a Nomad 127, let me tell you in this tipster how you can take panoramic photos with sprockets using your 127 camera.

Photo by Sin Futuro on Flickr

Previously, I have written about my Nomad 127. When I realized that getting 127 film was so difficult for me (because of its price and shipping time) I decided to use the Nomad 127 with the regular 35mm film. I never could imagine that I was to get panoramic photos and exposed sprockets.

Credits: mil978

This was so simple and I didn’t have to do any hard modification. There is no list of things you will need, only some steps you have to follow.

It’s so simple that the 35mm film fits perfectly on the room to the 127 film. In the size we are going to transfer the film, it’s necessary to put the 35mm film on the empty reel of 127, we have to paste it with tape to avoid any movement.

Now you only have to put the backside of the camera, you’ll find some resistance on the side where the 35mm is. Don’t worry, this is good, because it avoids any movement and our film is always exposed at the same height. Don’t forget to cover the hole on the back side of the camera with any black tape to avoid red points in the middle of your negatives.

Credits: mil978

When taking photos:

For the first five exposures you have to turn the film 4 times. For the next 3 exposures, you have to turn 3 times. And then, you can only turn only 2 times.

Following this steps, you can get 10 panoramic photos and some more. All the photos will be completely exposure with the Sprockets too.

Credits: mil978

Do you know any other way to get the sprockets exposed? I have done it with a Kodak Brownie and with two Twin Reflex Lens cameras.

Taken with a Kodak Brownie. Photo by Sin Futuro on Flickr

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  1. 110isnotdead
    110isnotdead ·

    Great article, I have got a Brownie Starflex 127 that I love but could not use because I have no 127 film. Im excited to see how the camera has held up over the years.

  2. mil978
    mil978 ·

    @110isnotdead Did you get to use your camera with the 35mm film?

  3. 110isnotdead
    110isnotdead ·

    @mil978 Sadly, no. The shutter mechanism is all busted so It has assumed its place on my bookshelf as a really cool looking non-functional camera. lol But I might be able to use it as a cool creative lens for some other camera. lol

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