Marrakech is a city unlike any other: nowhere exoticism is better showcased than in this ochre-and-rose-hueed city. Browsing through the streets will showcase different interesting stuff. You will see acrobats, children boxing and of course, street market.

Walking through the souks of Marrakech is like entering a phantasmagoria. The narrow streets are organized craft by craft. A wall of brightly colored slippers turns into an avenue of glinting brass that then turns into a corridor of mirrors or a cavern of freshly beaten metal reeking of oil.

You will love Djemaa el-Fna square where snake charmers, tooth pullers, water sellers, fortune tellers, card players, dancers, acrobats and child boxers still perform to mesmerized crowds. The square bustles with food stalls by night, becoming a huge open-air restaurant where you will enjoy the simple but tasty grilled skewered meat, fish and vegetables. Mint tea, tajines, couscous, and pigeon pies laced with icing sugar and almond are the ubiquitous dishes here; you’ll either love or hate the sweet/savory combination of spices and fruits, but you should definitely try them at least once.

Visiting the leather district standing on the roof and watching the coming into being of leather is a nice experience even if after you ‘must’ pass from the shop. I realized that while just next to me I could see satellite dishes and I could make a call with my mobile phone, the scene below has been carried out like this for centuries without a change. There were guys jumping in big vats and step on hides to wash them and then soak in dye.

The penetrant smell caused by the use of all kinds of animal products (excretions, urine and brains), used to take the fur off the hides, it is a perfect example of how this city sticks to its traditions, clings to old practices. Go to Marrakech and enjoy being transported by one of the most fascinating city in the world.

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