Cloverdale Blueberry Festival: Fruit and Fun in the Summer Sun


Every long weekend in August, the citizens of Surrey, British Columbia get together in historic Cloverdale to celebrate the blueberry harvest with pie eating contests, music, arts, crafts, and more.

Blueberry festivals take place all over the United States and Canada during the summer months, and in Surrey, British Columbia, the Cloverdale Blueberry Festival takes place every August and is an opportunity for farmers and members of the community to get together for some good nature fun during our summer-long weekend.

It starts in the morning with a pancake breakfast sponsored by the local Lion’s Club. And then for those who still have room, they can participate in two separate pie-eating contests. Participants, hands behind their backs, must be the first to eat and finish a whole freshly-baked blueberry pie. As you can imagine, this is quite the photo opportunity for family and friends. The prize for the winners? Why, a fresh blueberry pie of course.

For the kids, there is face painting, mini golf, and paddle boats.

There is also plenty of crafts for sale and stations for the kids to make their own creations. Painters, potters, knitters, and even blueberry wine makers all have something to sell, and of course, some stories to tell.

The host for the event is the Surrey Museum, where the history of the city, including artifacts and tokens from the past, are collected for the free enjoyment of all the visitors. Inside the museum you will also find some wonderful antique cameras, including an original Diana F (with the original box!) and the first camera made by the Polaroid company.

Speaking of blasts from the past, another yearly tradition is the showing off of classic cars at the “Surrey Show ’N Shine”. There are typically between fifty and sixty cars lining the streets and parking lots, a veritable car museum under the sun.

Only a forty-five minute drive from Vancouver, the Blueberry Festival is a great bit of outdoor fun with a distinctive small town feel. Just don’t forget to pick up your box of blueberries before you head for home.

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