Chochur-Muran The Kingdom Of Permafrost


In this place winter lives whole year even though summer and sun outside.

In Yakutsk (the capital of Republic Sakha(Yakutia), Russian Federation) winter lives whole year in the Kingdom Of Permafrost. This “kingdom” isn’t a joke or even fiction but quite real object of tourist interest. This is artificial grotto into the Chochur-Muran Mountain in the thickness of permafrost. Chochur-Muran Mountain is a sacred place for Sakha people and situated about 7 km. from Yakutsk. Metaphrase – “pointed or bold mound”. This mountain is a ritual and sacred place where various devotions concerned with people’s traditions is take place.

Here in every season the temperature is about -10 °C (14 °F). Because of local natural conditions and existence of this unique construction ice sculptures can hold its shapes for very long time. The main place in this underground fairyland of ice ranks is the “residence” of keeper of cold – Chyyshaan. It’s composed of his throne-room and even chancellery with ice computer. You can also watch the other wonderful ice sculptures there: Buddha, Shiva, Neptune, deer’s, ice-run, fishes and so on. In the end of excursion I was pleased with offer to warm up myself with mulled wine along with “stroganina” (sliced frozen broad whitefish) served on ice dish a la sturgeon at the ice-bar stand.

Not far from this magical ice cave I spent the rest of the evening in ethnographical and entertaining complex with the same name – Chochur-Muran. I particularly fascinated of its cosy restaurant. It provides Sakha(Yakut), North and Russian cuisine. Our meal was forestalled with “algys” – sakha blessing and wishes. Shaman-lady splashed koumiss and thick pancakes into the fire of “kamelek”(sakha small fire-place) and we did the same. I strongly recommend tasting Indigirka salad (sliced frozen salted fish, onion, black pepper and oil) as a starter… it’s great with some vodka cups! And don’t miss the farm of sakha husky (Kolyma-Indigirka Eskimo dog) in the courtyard!

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  1. grenoouille
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    wow! What a change of scenery!!!
    Nice review!

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    looks like a magical, the #1 is so stunning!

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    ого! будда изо льда в вечной мерзлоте?!

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    Wonderful !!!!
    Great location !!!
    Thank you to show all of us places and photos like this !!!

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    Such beautiful shots ! A real fairy tale !

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    very interesting place

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    amazing gallery!!

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