Escape the Daily Life at the Orange Beach in Frankfurt am Main


Escape the daily life at the Orange Beach. In Frankfurt am Main, directly at the river Main between Griesheim and the Gutleutviertel, lies an oasis of relaxation.

The best way to get to the Orange Beach is by bike. A little tour up the Main (from the west/Griesheim) or through the city (from the east/Gutleut) and there you will be.

The audience there is really mixed. From young people to older ones, everyone is there.

Well, let’s go to the bar, take a drink to fair prices and then lay down on the canvas chair or take a place on the ale-bench.

If you are hungry, you can get a sausage or something from the barbecue grill.

You can also have fun by feeding ducks or swans.

So relax and enjoy the view on the river Main.

written by herk on 2012-08-15 #places #relax #orange #frankfurt #location #beach #main #food-and-drink
translated by tesatscad

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