Actionsampler Flash: A Great Camera!


Like the version without flash, the Actionsampler Flash is very simple to use. Learn more about this multi-lens camera after the jump!

A point and shoot camera. Just it. With flash!

The flash needs two AA batteries to work and you can choose to use or not. It’s very simple. If in no need, rotate the flash clockwise and set down it gently. If in need, set up the flash and rotate it anti-clockwise. The flash makes a little noise, very sharp, indicating that it is working, and at the rear of the machine, there is a red light that indicates when the flash is charged and ready for use.

The counter is very simple, located on the side of the shutter button and to move to the next frame is just turning the toothed wheel which is behind the machine.

I used for the photos below, the film Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100 35mm. I recommend using a higher ISO, 400 or 800. As I took the photos in a closed place and during the night, much of the 36 exposures were lost, only left about 10 good photos. There is a photo that was taken in my room with light and came out pretty well! Most was very dark. But anyway, I enjoyed the ones that came out, liked the effect of four frames.

I highly recommend it for anyone who loves cameras multilens and especially for those just starting. With the right ISO, is a guarantee of good shots and fun.

The Actionsampler Flash snaps up a series of four images on one 35mm print, and now comes with a 4-step sequential flash! This multilens camera can record your subject’s movement day and night. See it with the rest of our Multilens cameras here!

written by wlinger on 2012-08-17 #videos #gear #multilens #review #iso-100 #point-and-shoot #flash #action-sampler

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