Playing Around with My Lomopet Cameras: the La Sardina and Holga Cat


I’ve wanted to have a pet fish and cat for the longest time. But my lifestyle doesn’t permit me, so I got a La Sardina and a Holga Cat instead. Here’s my first time to play with my newest pets.

Credits: hans12

Before even playing with them, I thought of names to call them. As I am reading Haruki Murukami’s book, 1Q84, I adopted the character names and gave them to my cameras.

I named my La Sardina as “Tengo” and my Holga Cat as “Eri”.

I got to play with Eri first. I loaded her with an expired Konica Chrome Centuria. I took a photo of skies, my friend, our dog, our street, the mall, and my special friend.

Credits: hans12

Even though it’s called a “Holga” camera (as it is made by Superheadz), it also has some vignette and great dreamy colors, which the original Holga produces.

I got my Tengo (La Sardina Marathon) from boobert. From Makati, my friend and I went to find a developing shop in Magallanes. It turned out that we did a photowalk as well.

Credits: hans12

This is my first Wide Angle camera and it’s a Lomo. I fell in love with it because of thethingamajig's post. Loaded with Lucky Super 200, I got the dreamy feel that I wanted. It seems to be a good lomo camera for me.

These two cameras are easy to bring around, so convenient as pets. :)

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