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We have asked Bloggers all over the world to share their creative projects with us so that we can share them with you! Here’s a list of a couple of cool and fun DIY tutorials that you might be interested in:

*Make A Striped T-Shirt*

*Build Your Own Custom Leather Motorcycle Seat*

*Make A Diana Camera Embroidered Notebook*

*Make Your Own Summer Popsicles*

*Make a Decorational Ampersand Sign*

If you actually built a custom leather motorcycle seat or made a striped t-shirt or froze your own summer popsicles, you can show them off on the competition page! Here’s an easy tutorial on how to make fun photo booth frames that you can use as props to take crazy and funny pictures!

Take a look at our DIY Projects website for more inspirations!

written by ilkadj on 2012-08-07 #lifestyle #do-it-yourself #list #projects #diy-tutorial

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