Baby on the Move

Remember when you read the first Golden Rule of Lomography, take your camera everywhere you go. You threw your analogue camera in your bag, or hung it on your neck. Then you tried to gather all of the accessories that go with it, just in case you want to experiment with them later. As you’re walking, you realize that you took too much stuff with you!

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Well here’s a solution for those who like it small and simple. Lomography proudly presents the Diana Baby 110 – the second member of the all-new Lomography 110 Camera Family! Considering the size of it, this baby camera is perfect for carrying everywhere you go, which makes it easier for you to practice Lomography’s Golden Rule No.1.

So next time you go on a journey, make sure you bring your cute little Diana Baby 110. You know you’ll definitely meet some fun and sometimes quirky people on your way. So why not snap a picture of them so you can remember them in the future. Take a picture of the family that hosted your stay. Friends and family pictures are the best! Especially awkward ones, those are the most memorable ones for sure. Check out these silly photos of the awesome lomo family members!

Check out the 110 Camera Microsite if you want to know more about this cutest addition to the Diana family.

Lomography proudly presents the Diana Baby 110 , the second member of the Lomography 110 Camera Family. Easy to use and packed with creative features, with this tiny camera you can choose between two interchangeable lenses; shoot breathtaking wide-angle shots with the 12mm lens or switch to the 24mm lens for standard square photos. Read more on the 110 Camera Microsite

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