It's in the Genes


The classic beauty Diana F+ was followed by the sweet Diana Mini, proving to the world that this little sister has plenty of style and features to fill big sister’s shoes. The family has yet another sweet surprise that will make all of you go ooh and aah.

Diana F+

The classic Lomography Diana F+ was born in 2007. This camera is a new production version of the classic 1960s Diana cameras. All of the original Diana characteristics were kept intact, but Lomography also tossed in the Pinhole and Endless Panorama options to pave the way for an entirely new class of Diana analogue experimentation!

Diana Mini

The Diana Mini came about after the reincarnation of the original Diana camera, the Diana F+ Camera. This tough little sister allows you to shoot 72 photos onto one 35mm film by a flick of the switch!

Diana Baby 110

If you thought these two sisters are da bomb, wait till you meet the family’s newest member, the Diana Baby 110! Not only does she belong to the Diana family, she is also an addition to the Lomography 110 Camera Family. Check out the new sexy baby!

Lomography proudly presents the Diana Baby 110 , the second member of the Lomography 110 Camera Family. Easy to use and packed with creative features, with this tiny camera you can choose between two interchangeable lenses; shoot breathtaking wide-angle shots with the 12mm lens or switch to the 24mm lens for standard square photos. Read more on the 110 Camera Microsite

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