Three Girls on a Wild Island

2012-08-15 1

My friends and I discovering the Venice islands forgotten by tourists. Many tourists come to Venice and see always the same things, the most famous monuments and places are also the most touristy; but this city hides many other wonders.

Photos by tagliatele_la_testa

Small and tiny islands are spread all around the lagoon, and some of them can only be reached using private boats; to reach Vignole Island, we had to get three boats.

Photos by tagliatele_la_testa

The name of this island comes from the fact that for centuries, most of the wine production destined to the Dogi (Venetian officials) was based here, and even today, the inhabitants, around 50 people, make a living out of agriculture.

During the summer and on sunny weekends, there are a couple of taverns open for the few Venetians passing by, and we were among them!

Photos by tagliatele_la_testa

The South-Eastern part of the island is a boatyard for public transport boats and during the weekends, it’s semi-deserted.

Photos by tagliatele_la_testa

In every city you can find hidden treasures that awaits to be discovered. Enjoy your adventure!

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