Diana F+ El Toro: My 'Acojonante' New Friend!

2012-08-13 2

Presented in a special package, the Diana+ El Toro was created to commemorate the Diana+ World Tour in Spain. This camera is a faithful reproduction of the 60s classic Diana camera. This model is compatible with all your lens, Instant Back and other accessories from other Diana F+ Editions that you may already have. This beauty uses 120mm film and with the Diana +35mm back (sold separately) you can use 35mm film.

This is not just another Diana F+, this “acojonante” friend is a beautiful state of the art Diana F+!, as soon as I saw it in the Lomo Embassy Puebla, I just knew that I simply had to have her!

I had fallen in love with her as soon as I unboxed her.

First of all, its design: the red color, the bull’s horns, and the film advance wheel special detail — “acojonante” (a Spanish expression meaning “this is fantastic!”) — are just amazing. This special edition also comes with one of that pretty “Vignettes” hardcover books that let you find the inspiration in its creative pictures or get fascinated by the short stories. Besides, the Diana F+ El Toro produces lo-fi, soft-focused, vignetted medium format images that the Diana is known for, and its full compatibility with all the Diana accessories.

I just couldn’t wait to start using it, so I took a day off and went to the Mexico City downtown. I was not disappointed, this beauty just kept me hypnotized, shooting and shooting the whole morning! The only thing to consider is the “plastic noise” this camera makes when you advance the film during loading, as with all Diana cameras. This is a wonderful, lovable sound but you must be careful when loading the film in some places like a library or a church!

Some days later I was able to pick up the negatives from the developing. I hardly could wait to see my pics! And of course, I was not disappointed; you can see some more of the pictures I took with the wonderful Diana F+ El Toro below:

Let’s have fun with the El Toro, acojonante!!!

All information for this article were taken from the Diana Microsite.

The Diana F+ El Toro was crafted to celebrate the Diana World Tour in Spain. Coated in fiery red, this special edition camera has the same capabilities as the original Diana F+. See it with the rest of the Diana Clones here!

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    Yes, I love El Toro too...!

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