Alacatraz (San Francisco, CA)


Alcatraz is famous for multiple things, but if are lucky enough to visit the island on a nice day, it will become famous to you for a great place to take photos.

Alcatraz (aka The Rock) is most famous for being a prison that housed some of America’s most violent criminals. But since it closed in 1963 it has become famous for movie sets and premiers. When you visit Alcatraz you immediately are greeted by a park ranger who explains all there is to see on the island. From there you can either set off on your own or go inside and take the audio tour, which is free and very informative (the only drawback is you have to wear headphones the entire time). The audio tour gives you tons of information about the prison and there are even short stories told to you by former prisoners (really they are just actors).

What impressed me most about Alcatraz is the beautiful views you get to see from the island. For a place which such a negative history it really is a location where you can have a fun time.

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