A Roaring Case for My Diana Mini Leopard!

2012-08-10 1

With its pretty pink paint and sassy spotted skin, it would be a shame to cover up the Diana Mini Leopard. A style statement on its own, it gets lots of looks when I’m shooting! But where to keep the fashionable camera’s functional accessories? Something already in your closet could be perfect for Diana Mini extras!

Credits: denisesanjose

I’m quite the girly girl, as you might have noticed. I like to shop, I like the color pink, and I like indulging in sartorial trends every now and then. (And don’t forget shoes!) I love it when I get to put fashion and film photography together and my obsession du jour for leopard print turned out handy when I needed a case for my Diana Mini & Flash – Leopard!

Photo from my camera review, Meowing with the Diana Mini Leopard!

I originally wanted a case for the camera but soon realized that it was too gorgeous to be kept in the dark. Of course, I still want to keep it safe and have a DIY felt bag idea. But until I turn that pattern into a tangible case, I still need something to hold its peripherals. So after rummaging through my closet, I found this roaring case and it’s the perfect stylish purse for the Diana Mini’s accessories.

Credits: denisesanjose

It’s actually a hard case for sunglasses which I got on sale at Aldo for about $8. Figuring it’s too bulky for glasses as it takes up so much space in my everyday bag, I ended up using it mostly as a box clutch or minaudière for nights out.

When I checked to see if the Diana Flash+ fit in it and it did, I was so glad! Not only does it match my camera, it’s also roomy enough to hold Lomography essentials, such as the flash, its adapter, and color gel filters, even the lens cap, spare batteries and up to two rolls of film! And because it’s fabric-lined, sturdy, and shuts tight, you can rest assured that the things inside are protected.

So what are you waiting for? Put on those designer shades and use the case for your camera’s accessories! Talk about seasonless fashion investments! ;-)

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