Focusing on the Diana Mini's Focus Ring

2012-08-07 4

If you often fumble with your Diana Mini’s focus ring, then this Tipster is for you! When shooting in the dark, the protruding lens sometimes casts a shadow over the four focus settings, making it difficult to see where the arrow is pointing. See clearly with this neon nail polish trick!

When you’re shooting at a poorly-lit location, switching between 0.6M / 1-2M / 2-4M / 4M – ∞ becomes quite the task because the focus settings and indicating arrow are both black. It’s hard to see where the little triangle is pointing, especially when you’re creeping around a dark street or trying to survive a wild party, so I modified my Diana Mini Leopard a bit to minimize the guesswork! All you need are:

  • your Diana Mini camera
  • neon nail polish
  • some cotton tips for clean up

I first thought of painting each focus option a different color until I realized it might be too confusing and cumbersome to have a vivid spectrum against the spots, so I settled on bright yellow for all of them.

Very carefully, I painted the triangle slots, making sure not to cover the markers and also avoided getting paint on the lens. (You can cover it with some tape if you’re OC.)

You can actually use paint but I chose nail polish because it already comes with a lithe little brush. Also, I had some American Apparel NEON (all caps, trust me) nail polish that looked so strange against my skin that I decided they were best for arts and crafts.

So after letting the yellow layer dry, I painted the arrowhead a.k.a. the tiny triangle pointer. I was gonna use another neon shade until I realized they’re all yellow-based and look kind of the same in the dark. Hot pink it is!

Let it dry and voila! Switching while shooting is a breeze with the four focus settings clearly visible. No need to hold the camera so close to my face and squint to see if I’m on the right setting! The best part is, since the lens still obscures the focus ring a little, the neon colors don’t distract from the Diana Leopard’s sassy design.

Let me know if this Tipster works for you! :-) You might also like:

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  1. rancliffhasenza
    rancliffhasenza ·


  2. robotmonkey1996
    robotmonkey1996 ·

    You COULD just leave the ring on infinity all the time, and only switch to .6 metres when the subject is REALLY close, because the tiny aperture and the short focal length will give you tonnes of depth of field.

  3. sgf23
    sgf23 ·

    Think I'm going to try this! Good trick!

  4. sudhashunmu
    sudhashunmu ·

    i did this trick long before becoz of the sam prob....well but i painted on the pointer so that i can see where pointer is....brilliant idea congrats

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