Tilt-Shift Photos of the 2012 Olympics

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See the world’s biggest sporting event in miniaturized images! These scenes from the 2012 Olympic Games in London were shot by Reuters and Getty Images photographers using tilt-shift lenses, making athletes look like little toy figures battling it out in mini arenas.

Photo via BuzzFeed

The science of tilt-shift lenses is a mouthful to explain but it basically makes objects appear mini in photos because of its shallow depth of field and selective focusing. (Community member kvboyle wrote about tilt-shift photography for beginners as well as a Tipster on how to DIY your own tilt-shift lens which will help you understand the concept better!) As seen in Tiny Capitals & Mini Cities, it’s easy to mistake actual places and real people as mini models or toy figurines because of the unique technique so it was the perfect effect to use for some sports shots!

Photos via BuzzFeed

During the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London, several photographers from agencies like Reuters and Getty Images took some tilt-shift snaps and the results are amazing! Dressage certainly looks the most toy-like with its pretty flowers, decorated hurdles, well-groomed equestrians, and high-jumping horses.

Photos via BuzzFeed

Tilt-shifting works best from a bird’s eye angle or when shot from above. Otherwise, the miniature effect isn’t very noticeable or doesn’t always work. However, it’s still a nice perspective to shoot the Olympics from and provides a mind-boggling look to the images.

Sourced from BuzzFeed.

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  1. smalldeadlysloth
    smalldeadlysloth ·

    I took some tilt shift of the Judo, I was sat right over the strait where the atheletes walked after the bouts and got some great photos of the 'long walk down' back to the warm up area :D

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