Berlin Körnerpark


The Körnerpark may be quite small, but it has a lot to offer.

This Park was built in the time of 1912 – 1916 after the former owner Franz Körner donated his gravel pit on condition that the park would be named after him. It is 2,4 ha big and contains a waterfall-cascade, a fountain, an orangery and a café, which hosts various types of exhibitions and concerts.

Due to the fact that it used to be a gravel pit the land is between 5 and 7 metres below the normal street level.
The Körnerpark was designed and built in the style of neo-baroque and is one of the few creations of this kind in Berlin. Being located in the Schierkerstr., Neukölln it’s easy to reach by S-Bahn and a little walk along the Karl-Mar-Straße and the Schierkerstraße.

It’s nice to hang out in the meadows, walk through the garden, drink a cup of coffee in the café or go inside and check out he exhibition (for free)…In summer there are even outdoor concerts on the forecourt of the café!

Germans and other German speaking people may check this homepage:


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