Colorful Personalities Rumble


Inch Chua – Singaporean Singer Songwriter – is hosting the Color Personalities Rumble with Lomography! The reason behind the fun topic? Inch was born into a “colorful family of theatre pedigree in Singapore”. This rumble is close to the heart and will illuminate those colorful people in your own life who inspire you!

Images via baybeats and Inch Chua

Film-photography enthusiast LomoAmiga Inch Chua is a big analogue-o-phile. She collects vintage cameras, some of which are handed down to her from her colorful family members. She’s all about the “decisive moment” and captures attitudes and personalities on 35mm format.

She treasures her musical creations just as she treasures all the colorful members of her friends and family that inspired her to be a bold part of the Arts.

With a song in your heart, and your mind ready to write music with your photographic tool, go out there and share your story of those colorful personalities that inspire you with us and with Inch!

Images via Inch Chua


  • Inch will select the winning photo which she’ll use and share on her website!
  • The winner will also receive 10 piggy points.
  • Photos must be taken with an analogue camera.
  • Photos must have at least 3 tags including “Singapore” as a country tag.
  • Limit to 5 photos per user.
Image via Inch Chua

If you’re stumped, and think you’re surrounded by monochrome, you do know you’re surrounded by heaps of colorful personalities in the Lomography community! So that means you and I, the friends you made through film swaps, and the old grey ladies on park benches you surprised with flashes, lined with color-gels, in the face, giving them rainbow hair in place of their bland white!

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